Electronic Musical Instrument


Let us also explore the world of the electronic musical instrument. The musical instruments that were used in producing the electronic music have also its early times and then evolve so that it can reach the times of today. As there are musical instruments that may be labeled as traditional by some like the guitar, piano, and many other instruments; there are also the types of the electronics musical instruments. There are the early times musical instruments like the telharmonium which was invented in the year of 1897.

It has weigh hundred of tons and this type of instrument has soon lost its audience. Another type of musical instrument is the Theremin, Ondes Martenot, trautonium, and the Hammond organ (Novachord).

It has also evolved into the time of the synthesizers where there is the analog type of synthesizers, modular synthesizers, integrated synthesizers, and the polyphony. There are inventions at this time that are being used already and some are on display still but others only pictures exist for us to see how does it look like.

They are works that have a result of what it is today. There are already methods that are considered as the modern ones as it has replaced already the other instruments. It is an instrument that is widely used and they are more advantageous to be used at this present time. Thankfully as it has a beginning, it has a rebirth and had undergone changes. Now it is an era it is much appreciated also and it liked.