Know these 7 Electronic Musical Instruments

Everyone is familiar with the stringed and percussion instruments to play music. But, are you familiar with the electronic musical instrument? Both are used in composing music. Whether you are familiar with some of the electronic musical instruments to be mentioned in this article or not, it would be good to know more about these instruments just as how you know and familiarize yourself with the common instruments used today. One of the electronic musical instruments is the Audiocubes which look colorful. These are small in size.

It is used for sound design and other purposes. Another electronic musical instrument is the Croix Sonore which appears as a unique instrument for music. This musical instrument is truly amazing because of its continuous pitch. It is almost impossible to let people believe that it is an instrument used to play music because it appears more likely as a display or room decor. In these days, music is played usually more on electronic instruments which includes the drum machine that imitates any sound from percussion instruments. Good to check this catering service for your special party. Open this site to see more of these details This is a good buffet catering service.

The eigenharp has an amazing characteristics which is quite different from other musical instruments.  This instrument has three models and sizes. Everyone is surely familiar with the electronic organ which is an electronic version of the piano. Also, the fingerboard synthesizer looks like another version of a piano. It is also one of the most popular electronic musical instrument. There are more versions of this instrument. Lastly is the laser harp which is the most unique and amazing electronic instrument.