Electronic Artists

There are many musicians who are in the genre of the electronic music. There are bands and there are partners who have produced music. As like other musicians in the other genres, they also have their own challenges and also the reason they are appreciated by the people. This time let us know some of the musicians that are liked by most. This was the result of a votation that was made to know their favorite musicians in the field of electronic music.

The number one in the list if Daft Punk which is consisted of the partners Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo which is the producer. Another musician which is admired is Joel Thomas Zimmerman which has established deadmau5. Joel is a DJ producer and he has produced already a broad variety of the electronic music. Another musician who was voted is an American who hails from California. Skrillex is the one who is the reason the sub-genre of electronic music called dubstep is popular. His music is liked by many even in many hate him because of his sudden rise to fame.

Going by the stage name of Aphex Twin is Richard David James which is an Irish by birth. He is not just a musician but also a composer. His music became influential and the evidence is the techno and the IDM. From Germany is Zedd which has a popular album True Colors. The considered pioneer of the electronic music which is called as Kraftwerk. There is also Knife Party and The Prodigy.